Kiddie Rides – FAQs

How many kiddie rides do you have?
We currently have an assortment of 4 kiddie rides; The Sun and Moon Ferris Wheel, The Rio Grande Train, Bugs and Bees Ride, and Kiddie Go Karts.

What are the age requirements for the kiddie rides?
::    Kiddie Go Karts                                Ages 4 – 7
::    Sun and Moon Ferris Wheel            Ages 4 – 7
::    Bugs & Bees                                      Ages 3 – 7
::    Rio Grande Train                              Ages 4- 7

Can I accompany my child on a Kiddie Ride?

No, Adults may not accompany a child on any of the kiddie rides.

What are the rules for the kiddie rides?

Children must have a responsible adult supervising them at all times.
•    Smoking, food, or drinks will not be permitted while on the rides.
•    Cell phones, iPods, and MP3 players, are not permitted while on the rides.
•    Children younger than the minimum age requirement, may not ride the kiddie rides.
•    No smoking in the Kiddie Park.
•    Obey Ride Attendants at all times.

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