What is your site location?
Our site location is 7411-51 Avenue.

What is your hours of operation?
Our facility is 100% outdoors therefore hours of operation depend on the weather.

Hours of Operation

April                                              11 am   -    9 pm

May -  August                           11 am   -    10 pm

September  - October              11 am   -     9 pm


What do you mean by weather permitting?

We are unable to operate any of our activities in conditions of rain, thunder or snow.

Do you have group packages?
Yes,  Please click the group package tab for further information.

I am under the age of 16 can I buy tickets?
No, You must have a responsible adult such as a parent or guardian purchasing tickets and supervising you through the duration of your visit.

I have tickets left over, can I still use them on another day?
Please exchange any left over tickets for coupons to use on another day. Our tickets expire on the date of purchase.

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