Batting Cages

Whether you are a serious athlete, a recreational sports enthusiast or you are just in the mood for a little playful fun our batting cages will fulfill your desire for challenge and entertainment. We have a total of seven cages suitable for varying ages and interest; our three slow pitch cages are suitable for those aged seven and older. We have two cages that pitch balls at a medium speed, one soft ball and one hard ball; both require that the batter be at least fourteen years of age. Our fast softball cage pitches at sixty miles per hour and requires that the batter at least be sixteen years of age. Our very fast hardball cage pitches at a speed of seventy-five miles per hour and requires that the batter be an adult. Please keep in mind that safety is our primary concern, a certain degree of alertness is required using our batting cages. The ages listed above are NOT a suggestion, they are a REQUIREMENT.


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